Refurbishing Your House

From time to time we need to change the outlook of our house. It gives us a project to do and also helps give a fresh interesting look to the place. Once in every five years or so, pick a room or if you have the financial capacity, even the whole house to refurbish and give a brand new look to the place you call home. If you do not have the financial means to turn your whole house around or buy new furniture, here are a few interesting ways of giving the place a new look.

Clean it up

Not all of us are slobs and most houses are kept well cleaned. However, we still tend to horde stuff and items which we have not seen for years still get piled up in the cupboard corners and in dusty shelves. Bring these things out and you will be surprised at the collection you have. Once the cupboard has been cleaned out, switch, mix and match some of the ornaments you have had outside, with the items you just found inside collecting dust in your closet. You do not necessarily need cleaning companies Dubai to do these minor changes and can be done within a day, if you are hard pressed for time. Rearrange the items in each room and maybe color coordinate.

If you already have color themes going on, such as green and yellow, switch it to blue and yellow with a few minor changes such as changing the cushion covers or drapes. Visiting and getting the guidance of home maintenance companies and getting services of their interior designers will give you a better idea on how to change for the better.

Exterior and Garden

Next is the exterior, the whole house will get a new look with a simple coat of paint. If you are bored of the colors you have on, get a new color and maybe mix it with some plant life such as vines or a rose bush to give your garden an exciting twist. Simply rearranging the plants or cutting those up in a different shape will help change the outlook of the whole house. Introduce a garden seat or bird bath to your garden. Keeping out a little food out every day will attract the birds and bees into your garden, making it come alive. Putting up a small gazebo, maybe one which is made of a few posts and a mesh for the roof, is not only cheaper but will allow vines to grow on it to create a most picturesque little corner in the garden.