Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy In UAE

The UAE is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities. Most of us would not think of sporting activities when we visit this country, but these activities should be explored if you get an opportunity.


Quite similar to snowboarding, but it is altogether a different experience. You can slide down the dunes on a desert using sand board. If you are a professional you may be able to go all the way to the bottom of the dune without falling, but if you are an amateur, don’t worry, there is plenty of soft sand to cushion your fall. However, you will inevitably end up with a mouthful of sand if you fall! One of the not-so-enjoyable aspects of this sport is walking up the dune carrying a sand board. But, don’t despair it is worth the effort.

Sandboarding is sometimes offered as a part of desert safari. If not you can you can sign up for a few hours of sandboarding only.


Enjoy jumping off an aero plane over the beautiful Palm Jumeirah and floating down to earth. Don’t worry you will be given professional to go with you in case you are scared.

Indoor sky diving is available for those who have second thoughts about free falling from the sky. It is also a good option if the real thing is way over budget for you.

Quad biking

Want to explore the desert on your own? This is probably one of the best options you will have. You can get on an ATV and ride through the desert plains giving rise to a cloud of dust behind you. This activity is also added in some desert safaris, usually for an added fee. However, most people prefer to ride these during an evening desert safari rather than a morning safari due to the unbearable heat of the desert.

Dune bashing

You’ll probably like this if you like rollercoasters. However, unlike you rollercoasters you will only be riding on the ground. An experienced driver will take you through the desert at great speeds over sand dunes. This one activity that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Al Hoota Cave

This is a great place to have some quiet outdoor fun. It has daily organised tours for tourists. This cave complex is over two million years old and has two underwater lakes. You can even take a bath in these lakes if you are daring enough.

These activities have restrictions where little children are concerned for their own protections. For more family friendly activities it is better to go to any of the theme parks.