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Guide On Buying An A/C For Your House

Air conditioners are products that improve our comfort and quality of life. When we buy an air conditioner we should buy one that is suitable and right for us. Here are the factors that you need to be aware of before buying an air conditioner.

Types of air conditioners

There are many types of air conditioners, the windows air conditioner, through the wall air conditioner, portable air conditioner, duct-less mini split air conditioner and central air conditioner. Central air conditioners are the best choice for residents due to their efficiency and quietness. When it comes to AC maintenance some are better than other. Different air conditioners work differently so depending on your needs you may pick which suits you the most.

BTU and the size of the room/rooms

The BTU is the capacity of cooling. A higher BTU is needed for a bigger room therefore the higher the BTU the higher the cooling capacity. To identify the BTU required you need to check the size of the room that’s going to be air conditioned. After measuring the size you can check online or visit a store that sells air conditioners and inquire about the required BTU for your room.


EER stands for energy efficient rating. The higher the EER rating is, the lower the power consumption from the unit. Less energy also means less pollution. Air conditioners are known to have high power requirements and may drive up your electricity bill, therefore in that case a unit with a high EER is recommended.


Check the warranty period of the unit. Also read on the terms and conditions of the warranty because the whole air conditioning units may not have warranty. Using other AC maintenance services in Dubai may cause the warranty to become void so be aware of this.

Get reviews and advise

Read online reviews on the unit you’re planning to buy and get advise from professionals. There may be something that you may not understand and it is best you get all of it clarified beforehand. Checking reviews will give you the pro and cons of the unit.

Installation of the unit

Check if the room has provision for air conditioners. If not you may need re wire to do so. Most air conditioners require high voltage and you may need to check if your wall socket can carry that much voltage without short circuiting or burning up. It is advised to get the air conditioners installed by professionals rather than yourself.

After purchasing the unit always be aware of how often the unit needs servicing, and clean the unit time to time so it doesn’t collect dust. It is better to always know what you are buying rather than buying the most expensive unit. The return on investment should be hassle free and comfortable for you.

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