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Treating Cavities

Cavities is another word for tooth decay, this occurs when particular types of bacteria produce acids that damages the tooth’s enamel and the layer below it, the dentin.
The signs and symptoms of cavities
The symptoms of cavities include a toothache, experiencing pain when chewing and sensitivity to hot or cold foods, to sweets and hot and cold drinks.
The way cavities form
They form when bacteria in the mouth mix with refined sugars and fermentable carbohydrates like the ones that are present in soft drinks and sweets. This mixture causes acid to form, this in turn causes demineralization of the calcium and phosphate in the enamel of the tooth. Cavities will then form on the exposed dentin and weakened enamel. Cavities will also form if the root of your tooth is exposed due to reseeding gum line.
The treatment for cavities
Teeth can be salvaged even though it is decaying; this is done by restoration treatment. Cavities which are in the early stages can be treated by remineralization; this will harden the enamel with fluoride or calcium. You can use fluoride toothpastes and fluoride treatments which are suggested by professionals.
You can ask for restorative methods like pulp capping, root canals and fillings. If the decay has not reached the tooth’s pulp or the nerve the decay will be removed and the hole will be covered by using amalgam filling or veneers. They are used when teeth is worn down, when they are chipped or broken, when they are irregularly shaped or misaligned, teeth that are discolored and also teeth with gaps between them. If decay has spread to the nerve or the pulp cavity you may need a root canal capping of the pulp. Pulp cavity is done if the nerve is only mildly affected and there is a chance of natural repair of the nerve.
An examination will be done to decide on the damage of the nerve and may do a root canal if the pulp is damaged or the nerve is affected severely. Sometimes badly affected teeth will be extracted.
Positives of treating cavities
You will be free of pain and can eat and enjoy sugary, hot and cold foods again. Also you can get braces if you need them. Like people don’t mind the clear braces/ invisalign cost in Dubai they don’t mind spending on cavities because you will feel less embarrassed to smile and be more confident. You will also have stronger teeth after dealing with cavities because cavities damage them and make them brittle. You will also be more motivated to perform proper oral hygiene because of the process you have to go through to treat cavities.

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